Are you looking for a love story? Do your fantasies excite you? In reality even cooler!

I dressed up, disbanded blonde hair, put lipstick on plump lips, and....waiting for your call to tease and tempt you.

I know how to appreciate every moment with you.




📞Mobile + 79175434344, SMS, call.


Chat me on WhatsApp +79175434344, SMS ONLY


📧Email Me


How to set up an appointment:


If you are already in Moscow, you can text me where and when would you like to invite me as your guest.

Invitation to the hotel you should confirm with additional details like hotel address, room number, and name under the booking. If you don't want to share such information I would ask you for additional confirmation by my request or send me full taxi payment both ways.


If you plan to

visit my city, you know when you are coming, you can set up an appointment in advance. On the day of an appointment, I will wait for confirmation from you.


If you plan to visit Moscow, you have no idea when I kindly ask you to contact me only if you know the date.



  • I would prefer to receive information on WhatsApp ( SMS), Phone SMS.
  • Please don't start our conversation with: "Send me photos", Send me Nudes"
  • I don't chat about sexual aspects in an intimate manner. I will ask you to pay for a sex chat.
  • Most likely I would start our conversation of knowing your location and remind the expected reward.
  • If you request me to send you now-made photos or call you on video, I'll ask you to pay for a video call, as I am not available for free demonstrations.
  • I have no interest in chatting friendship without financial benefits.
  • An unpleasant, obscene expression of your thoughts in my WhatsApp can be the reason for blocking. For me, the level of your education and attitude is immediately clear, so our meeting cannot be realized.
  • I am available to travel internationally only with repeated clients.
  • At night I chat only with a reason to meet tonight (in Moscow).


Thank you for your time and interest.